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2 man plow day

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Nothing like yall's huge plow days in the Northeast but we still had fun! The 6 HP Predator engine on Sixgun's ST12 did great as did the SS14. Notice our custom front weights.

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Who cares how big the show is, as long as you guys had fun, got to put those Sears' to work!!!

You would love a full blown plow day up here though! I went one time and now I'm hooked lol.

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Maybe we can get some more guys! It would be fun. We just don't have much tractor related shows down here. Shows, plow days, pulls, nothing.

Your FEL tractor was stolen?? :eek:mg:
i love that 14 with those tires what size plows?
Thanks. Mine is a 10", Sixgun's is either a 8" or 6".
The ST12 was running the 010, so think it's a 8? Never measured it. Here are some more pics, and a vid! Good times, thanks Heath! Also, if you decide to get rid of that Middle buster, lmk.. Help pay for the 430 :fing32: I've uploaded the phone vid of the Sickle bar mower below.
Thanks for the extra pictures and video. It was a good time, we'll have to do it again on the whole garden!

You're hitting me where it hurts with the middle buster. It's one of my original implements that came with the 16/6!
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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