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I have a tach, but it only goes up to 9999 RPM, and my saw is supposed to be tuned higher than that, so it didn't help me all that much.

I did some reading about carb tuning for saws after I bought my Stihl 032AV. One suggestion/approach for tuning the high-end mixture was that the saw should be 4-stroking at full-throttle with no load. But that it should clear itself up and be 2-stroking under a load, when making a cut. And that it should still 4-stroke at full-throttle immediately after the cut.

If people will excuse the link to another forum, this is one thread discussing saw tuning, and includes a video showing the above process. You can hear the saw run differently in and out of the cut as he tunes it.

I never tried pulling the plug during testing, that is an interesting approach. And it may be better than what's described above. I just mention this method because I found it helpful.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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