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1995 Simplicity regent series

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Looking for a replacement gas tank for my tractor, I am not doing the repairs myself by the way, a handy friend is willing if I can find the parts.

My local repair shop called to advise they are not able to get the part because it is no longer available.

The model of B&S engine is 289707 type 011301

Anyone out there have one they are not using and willing to part with??
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It's hard to believe it is NLA since it was used for so long. Same tank was used starting in about 1977 up through 1995.

All the online parts stores selling Simplicity parts are still showing the part as available. The updated part number is 1687038.

Is your repair shop a Simplicity dealer? If not you should call a dealer and make sure about the availability.

If you have to or want to look for a used tank they were used in Simplicity 4000, 5000, 6000 series and Regent series. Also in all of the Simplicity equivalent tractors including Deutz-Allis, Massey Ferguson and AGCO Allis.

I'm sure you will find one.
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Thank you so much for the lightening fast reply.
I will contact the shop in the AM, yes they do deal in Simplicity.
I also saw online the part I was told was NLA, showing as available at one site for small engine repair parts, but when I called direct, was told NLA. Keeping my fingers crossed.
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