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1989 Dodge D-100 DEAD?

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I hope you guys have some ideas. I went to use my truck today, I put the key in and tried to start it, it turned over just a short time and then nothing. I have no power at all! The battery was charged, but I put the charger on it any way. I still have nothing. I checked the fuses, but I think these are just for the lights etc. I have no power to anything. The battery has a full charge, I took the cables off and cleaned them anyway, and checked the connections I could get to from under the hood. There had been no signs of any problems before today. Any ideas? Thanks
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Also check the positive connection ON the starter itself. I've had more than one of these come loose and cause exactly what you're describing.

Disconnect the battery first, though!! You can throw some serious sparks if you forget...
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