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1989 Dodge D-100 DEAD?

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I hope you guys have some ideas. I went to use my truck today, I put the key in and tried to start it, it turned over just a short time and then nothing. I have no power at all! The battery was charged, but I put the charger on it any way. I still have nothing. I checked the fuses, but I think these are just for the lights etc. I have no power to anything. The battery has a full charge, I took the cables off and cleaned them anyway, and checked the connections I could get to from under the hood. There had been no signs of any problems before today. Any ideas? Thanks
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I dont know about the "newer" ones like that, but the 70's era trucks had a lot of issues with the bulkhead connector on the firewall. To the point of a lot of trucks burning up.
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