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1988 STX38 Update

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bought some waterfront property and this "thing" was sitting in the weeds behind the pump house. never had a tractor before, never knew I need one! until now, pretty handy tool, now I need a bigger one!

the before pics are after MUCH cleanup and sanding, forgot to take some before the power wash! one in the weeds would have been nice too-:banghead3

tires have tubes in them but new rubber would be nice!

Got the motor running, rust and dirty carb, replaced oil and filters, gas lines, all interlock switches working, brakes fixed, carb gas leak fixed, reverse works, unstuck and cleaned the PTO, the Kohler seems to run well, oil is clean, but there are many miles on the tranny... I has the yellow mower deck, that came out nice too, but at my home I have 4+ acres and not a single blade of grass :trink40:

I do have a 1000' driveway though so maybe a model with a snowblower is next... (but the plow guy is still only charging 25$ a plow, and that is hard to beat!)

sorry for pic quality, came from my phone cam!

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Real nice touch up, well done.:thThumbsU
Great before and after pictures :fing32:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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