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1987 318 restoration ... southwest Wisconsin

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Back to work on the 318 I brought back from Pennsylvania a couple of years ago with a 44 loader installed. Tractor and loader were complete but were used hard an put away wet. The loader is nearing completion on a 332. The 318 was a non-runner. Seller told me it ran but was a heavy oil leaker. I cleaned up quite a bit on it and started restoration and recording over on WFM. I am banned from there so am finishing it up here.

If you are a WFM member you can read about work already completed. You should be able to find the post using 318 s/n 424191.

The tractor is a 1987 (s/n M00318X424191) with P218G Onan engine (esn J863146817).

As I said the seller told me the tractor was a running tractor and the main crank seal was the source of the oil leak. Before I spend money on the engine buying seals,etc I want to make sure it is a good running engine. Not concerned about oil consumption that can be fixed with an overhaul.
  1. Someone had removed the screws attaching the relay to starter housing so the starter would not crank the engine.
    • I had previously removed hood, grille, side shieids, battery, negative battery cable, and battery tray. The fuel line, throttle and choke cables were disconnected as was electrical connection for front pto and headlights.
    • Today I raised the engine and installed new screws (one was missing) to reattach the relay.
    • While the engine was raised I did the best I could to clean the frame under and around engine.
    • Lowered engine back into position and bolted in the engine.
    • Tested starter and engine now cranks. No suspicious noise but engine seems to crank to fast. Need to finish engine installation and try to start.
  2. Engine needs other work but like I said I need to make sure it runs before I spend money on it.
    • Left front mounting tab is broken off oil pan. Needs new pan.
    • Fill tube needs a new gasket. I have had to replace this on other Onan engines. It can be another major oil leak source.
    • While engine is out I will replace oil filter/pressure switch housing gasket. This is another known source for oil leakage.
  3. Need to remove the left side console cover so I can access hydraulic control levers. The set screws/keys anchoring the arms to the lever shafts are allowing the arms to turn on the shafts. I have repaired this on numerous open frame 3XX tractors.
I will get some photos of where I stand on tractor repair.
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