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Missing oil pan, head, carburetor, piston, and broken rod. Just too much missing to rebuild.

I had a couple of questions for Jim out at his repair shop. Sounds like his machine shop has closed. He has one other machining business he is willing to try but sounds like this area is loosing it's machine shop business's.

Also showed him the pto from the 318. He pointed something out to me that I missed. If the rotor is welded to the armature the pto is constantly engage. No shutoff. Guess I am in need of a pto clutch.
Running into the same thing here. Was going to have the engine in my 445 rebuilt, but, there aren't ANY machine shops around here anymore. There are automotive shops in larger cities, an hour or more drive away, but, they won't touch small engines..... I am not willing to crank out the money to have a 'new' engine dropped into it...... so, seems that tractor is only good for around the yard, no mowing or blowing duties, as it simply doesn't have the power. I don't really have the ability to go thru it myself.... Health issues preclude that. Not sure what I am gonna do with it at this point... Sell it for parts?
1 - 2 of 196 Posts