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1987 318 restoration ... southwest Wisconsin

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Back to work on the 318 I brought back from Pennsylvania a couple of years ago with a 44 loader installed. Tractor and loader were complete but were used hard an put away wet. The loader is nearing completion on a 332. The 318 was a non-runner. Seller told me it ran but was a heavy oil leaker. I cleaned up quite a bit on it and started restoration and recording over on WFM. I am banned from there so am finishing it up here.

If you are a WFM member you can read about work already completed. You should be able to find the post using 318 s/n 424191.

The tractor is a 1987 (s/n M00318X424191) with P218G Onan engine (esn J863146817).

As I said the seller told me the tractor was a running tractor and the main crank seal was the source of the oil leak. Before I spend money on the engine buying seals,etc I want to make sure it is a good running engine. Not concerned about oil consumption that can be fixed with an overhaul.
  1. Someone had removed the screws attaching the relay to starter housing so the starter would not crank the engine.
    • I had previously removed hood, grille, side shieids, battery, negative battery cable, and battery tray. The fuel line, throttle and choke cables were disconnected as was electrical connection for front pto and headlights.
    • Today I raised the engine and installed new screws (one was missing) to reattach the relay.
    • While the engine was raised I did the best I could to clean the frame under and around engine.
    • Lowered engine back into position and bolted in the engine.
    • Tested starter and engine now cranks. No suspicious noise but engine seems to crank to fast. Need to finish engine installation and try to start.
  2. Engine needs other work but like I said I need to make sure it runs before I spend money on it.
    • Left front mounting tab is broken off oil pan. Needs new pan.
    • Fill tube needs a new gasket. I have had to replace this on other Onan engines. It can be another major oil leak source.
    • While engine is out I will replace oil filter/pressure switch housing gasket. This is another known source for oil leakage.
  3. Need to remove the left side console cover so I can access hydraulic control levers. The set screws/keys anchoring the arms to the lever shafts are allowing the arms to turn on the shafts. I have repaired this on numerous open frame 3XX tractors.
I will get some photos of where I stand on tractor repair.
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I'll have to follow along over here now. Happy holidays gabby and family brace for some weather later this week!
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Doctor appointment this morning and haircut this afternoon. Not going to get much done on the tractor today.
Gabby you'll have the next few days to work on stuff at home as there wont be much moving around for the Snow/Wind/Temp!
Gabby, If you need more time in your day I'm willing to due the dinner out part for you! You can just grap a P and J in the kitchen and eat that on your walk out ot the garage to get more done!

Hope all is well with the Doctor and you got enough shopping done for the next week.
Hope you and Laurie both are doing fine!

And your able to go and due the things that you want!

Im on a News Year Diet and trying to lose some pounds. Each year at my work place there's a pool for the biggest loser that runs for 13 weeks you have weighin on fridays and its by % lost not total pounds and last year I was 4th or 5th and just finished out of the $$$ I did win 1 week for most % lost and got my $20 back it cost's to enter. This year I'm hoping to finish in the $$$ and have that towards my ATV/JD/play money fund. So I wont be going on any Out to eat excursion's while Im in the running for this at work.
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Good luck for Laurie hope all goes well for her.

Is this the 73 140 H3 that is getting some love now?
Stay safe gabby snow is coming down hard in my area hope your able to make it threw the weekly snow storm with out many problems!
Yep I plowed at Home today, In town I used the 1032 Walk Behind John deere as I didn't want the blade to rip up the grass as the ground was not frozen.

Yes suppose to be getting more snow on Saturday night.

I have to boil maple sap on Saturday and then ususally spend Sunday making tweaks to the Sugar Shack so that the next weeks boil can be a little smoother/faster/better.
4 weeks of saping in and still making tweaks and refining my sugar shack. Though this is the first year I have had a shack to cook in other years have all been outside.
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