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1987 318 Electrical Problems

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Ok, I am going to need some electrical brains here. My 318 has been showing the battery light lately so I think it may be time for a new regulator. But first I had one of my AC wire connector that connects to the regulator break, fixed that. So I connect my battery and in the process while hooking up the + terminal it shorts like there is a short somewhere. What is the problem?
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Based upon your description I would want to see a picture of the work you did to fix the wiring on the regulator. Is that the only electrical work you did?
Did you connect the positive terminal last? If so that is why you saw a spark ;) Remember negative off first and on second.
Ok, I have found something if I disconnect the AC connector which I have fixed off the regulator, I get no shorting and it will start. Is it bad to run my tractor with out one of the AC connectors plugged in on the regulator?
Other than not charging the battery? I don't know why it would spark with the connector connected unless it is grounding out somewhere. And I wasn't trying to insult your intelligence with my earlier reply just trying to go off what you said and give the most obvious first idea that popped in my head. :fing32:
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X585, only looking to help here but a picture would be worth a thousand words and help us to help you!
Ok, I took some pictures, here is the connector I replaced, now I took the plastic off of it.


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That connector isn't coming into contact with the engine shields is it? I'm pretty sure the VR is grounded through its case into the engine heat shields.
Ok, I have another issue, sometimes my starter works, and sometimes it just growls. Are this telltale signs it may need the Starter Improvment Kit? My battery is fine.
My doess the same thing some times
I thought it was just a bad starter
But most of the time it works just fine
I have not done anay thing with it as of now
I think I might try the starter kit now that you said that

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Anyone else have more input on this?
On the first issue, do you have the battery hooked up now? If it is and there is a short your are going to blow the 20amp fuse pretty quick.

Now for the voltage regulator. Are all wires hooked up now? If memory serves me the AC leads off the stator go to the outside tabs and the DC lead to the center. Test for continuity between ground and each lead. There shouldn't be any, especially from the AC leads.
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Looks to me as if one of the stator leads isn't connected and the one for the DC to the battery is on the wrong spade. Can't see under the wires though for sure.
For my starting issue, do I need the Improvement Kit?
There are alot of people who used them and said they solved their problem. I never installed it on mine (although I had one) as mine started good. I would say that you probably need to.
I thought I needed one when my starter started going out. Turned out the starter was bad and I had to have it rebuilt. It won't hurt to have it installed.
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