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1985 Ltv 11 race mower

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I recently purchased a 1985 Craftman Ltv 11 with a 12 Horse power Briggs and Stratton motor. My guess is that the original 11hp blew up and someone put in the 12 hp. Due to it being a racemower any part that wasn't being used was taken off, the mower deck and all of the parts to engage the mower deck etc. It also has pulleys set up to go 55+, not sure on that, just what I was told. It runs great, but the 2 speed trans-axle needs a pinion gear for it to move. It also came with a 5 speed peerless tans-axle that is ready to go. I paid $50! So whats it worth? I should have pictures up tomorrow! Thanks! :thanku:
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Sounds cool, can't wait to see the pic's. :thThumbsU:thThumbsU
I think that you could get bout $100 for the engine and at least 50 for the tranny.
Well here are some pictures! Needs some paint to freshin it up!

5 speed peerless with other parts!

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