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1984 Murray 11/36 transaxle Help!!!

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Well... This is my first post on this site ??. Anyway my 84 Murray is having some problems the bolt that holds the transmission level on the left side came out and when I took off it dropped and both axle tubes cracked all the way around on both sides ?ugh. And it won't move now the transaxle model is a peerless 900 022 and the lawnmower is 36511x18. Any help would be appreciated as to what to do to fix it. Anywhere I can get a replacement. Don't want it sit too long thank u
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Correction... It's a peerless model #900 002 transaxle. 3 speed
Thank you Ive been to that page it has my model transmission. But do you know if they make a replacement or where I can get one maybe ?
1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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