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Recently purchased this Bolens-Iseki G294 4WD for $2500 with an old shredder attached. I have 15 acres heavy overgrown down in south Texas to clear out and it's doing the job well so far.

I'm not finding a lot of research online so I joined MTF. Hoping someone can help!

1. I don't know when the last time the oil was changed so I want to do it. What kind of oil and how many quarts?

2. Normal antifreeze from tractor supply good for the radiator?

3. Gear shifter boot is missing and they put a funnel around it. Some of the gear fluid leaked out and its a chocolate milk color. That can't be good I'm sure. Should I drain the fluid and replace it? Will normal gear fluid work?

4. The PTO cylinder has a drain and a fill spout. I'm assuming for fluid to keep everything turning smoothly. What type of fluid should I put in here? Normal hydraulic fluid?

5. I can't find any info on air filter, oil filter, sizes or parts. Anyone know?

6. A manual on this thing would have been great but I can't even seem to find one on the internet. Does anyone know about a good online resource for an owners manual.

7. Will any attachment fit on the PTO or does it have to be a Bolens attachment? I'd like to pull the shredder off and get a tiller.

Thanks everyone for helping this newbie in advance!


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No idea on the fluid and filter questions, if the fluid looks like chocolat milk, it most likely just needs to be chagnged. Any attatchments for a Category 1 3 pt will work.

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