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1980 2418/14 Powerking Restoration - Did it my way

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I asked in a previous thread if I should restore my tractor to factory specs or make it my own. I decided to change a few things and make it my own but still keep it looking factory. Hydraulic unit valve and tank can be removed as a unit and set on the ground without removing any hoses. Suction and discharge lines are stainless steel tubing. Hood latches are stainless steel from McMaster Karr. Handbuilt bumper and front tow hitch. Paint is NAPA commercial coatings, Allis Chambers orange (good high quality paint). I changed the troublesome 18 to a 14 hp, make a carb adapter plate to mount the 18 hp air cleaner. Last photo is John Deere mule disks that I adapted to fit Powerking Drawbar. I pull the disks in second gear and build great rows!


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QUOTE=charles.shepard;2058172]Mine is also a 1980 (Serial no 55016). But I am uncertain if my throttle linkages (cable to carb) are properly installed. Might you have a picture of that linkage setup? I have searched images on the internet. Do you know of an internet picture of the setup? My 361 manual does not illustrate the linkage. Thanks, I am working in the cold and would rather have an idea of what I am doing first.[/QUOTE]

Will this help?
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