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1979 John Deere 214 Charging Questions

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Hey Guys I Have a Quick Question On My 214 I Am Getting Between 38 - 40 AC Out of My Stator & 13.5 to 15.25 DC Out of My Regulator, 13.5 on Idle & 15.25 On Full Throttle.

Is 15.25 On Full Throttle Too Much Voltage For the Battery to Handle?
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I dont know what is normal for that tractor but, 15.25V is a bit high for a 12.6V battery. I like mine at 14.8 max, as long as it it is no higher then 15.25V it should not shorten the battery life by much, if you have a serviceable battery, just make sure it does not get low on fluid, be sure to use distilled water to top off & dont overfill it.

Measure at the battery? You might try cleaning the electrical connections & the VR. ground.

Maybe someone more knowledgeable on the 214 will chime in.

My 400 will drain the battery with a 12 hour night sesion with the healights on. Never any problem with running it during the day. One of these days I'll get around to checking what my voltages are.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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