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1977 Economy 2418

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Last Friday I ran across a 1977 2418 for sale. I did not have a camera with me, and I know you want pics, but until then- It is in what I would call typical condition for a tractor of this age- original paint, so its rusty, faded, scratched, etc, but not rotten. There are no attachments I know of, he said he trashed the mower deck. It is a single trans. There are no hydraulics. Only oddity I noticed was a muffler made out of a steel can- like a small sized coffee can. Starts right up and runs/drives fine.

Original owner died 2 years ago, his son has it now... I will try to get pics this week, but in the mean time, any wild guess of what it might be worth? Definatley a good platform for a build up.
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These things are all over the board value wise these days. I'm going to say in the $600 to $800 range. Before anyone flames me, let me explain my reasoning.

1. It has no attachments. Tractors like this are WORKERS so they sit until you buy attachments for them.

2. No hydraulics. While that's not always a bad thing, it is a sought after option.

3. No second transmission. It's really not needed unless you are going to run a tiller or a snow blower. It helps with a FEL too. It does raise the value of the tractor though.

4. 18hp kohler. Good strong motor but VERY finicky. The cooling fins MUST remain clean at all times because these engines run hot. Parts are no longer available for these engines.

I say $600 to $800 because that's what you could get out of it in parts without too much effort and most of that would come from the tranny and steering box.

The muffler could actually be original.
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