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1977 Economy 2418

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Last Friday I ran across a 1977 2418 for sale. I did not have a camera with me, and I know you want pics, but until then- It is in what I would call typical condition for a tractor of this age- original paint, so its rusty, faded, scratched, etc, but not rotten. There are no attachments I know of, he said he trashed the mower deck. It is a single trans. There are no hydraulics. Only oddity I noticed was a muffler made out of a steel can- like a small sized coffee can. Starts right up and runs/drives fine.

Original owner died 2 years ago, his son has it now... I will try to get pics this week, but in the mean time, any wild guess of what it might be worth? Definatley a good platform for a build up.
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Anytime you can get any of these for sub-500 its a steal!! I would barter with the people and offer them $450 cash - have money on you and get it for $450 - then sell 18hp as fast as you can and get the "best" engine for these the 14 hp...

If the 18 hp is running - that may be worth 300 plus around here in MA by me...

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