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Hi Everyone,

Does anyone have advice on how to remove the carburetor? It appears that you have to remove the intake manifold, with all those rusty bolts, that like to snap, to get to the bolts that mount the bowl.

Lately, I have had trouble with the engine running consistently. In the past, that plastic float seemed to be the culprit and a new one took care of the problem. I think some of the, local, clean air additives (not the ethanol, itself, so much) attack that rubber coating.

Now, the engine starts, right up and runs well for a minute. When I back off on the choke, the governor begins to fluctuate, alot, with the engine running, rougher and rougher. With the choke, all the way off, the engine dies. With partial choke it runs poorly and if I add a load, raise the bucket, the engine bogs down, often dying.

I drained out all the old fuel, replaced the fuel lines, put in some, fresh, ethanol free gas, replaced the filter and replaced the needle and seat. I bought it used and it ran, well, for 5-6 years and, it has an electric fuel pump. I tested the output at, around 3PSI (Harbor Freight Gauge). I have a, carb, kit and decided to do a total cleaning and rebuild. Hoped someone might have some , tricks, for getting the car body off.
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