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1973 J.D. 110 Variator Arm

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Just picked up a j.d 110

Runs and drives great, but last night i watched a video on adjusting the variator

Everything went well, my clutch pedal didnt move any, so i think i need new belts


The problem i have now, is on the variator arm, there is a button you push down with your thumb.....that button is stuck down now, and the little "rod" that fits in the slots is now stuck down too and wont spring back up

So the arm moves forward and back, but the little piece is stuck down and wont "latch" in a groove

Just curious, can i take a pin punch, and punch out that roll pin to slide the arm off? Im hoping its a easy fix? I tried spraying eveything with wd40 with no luck....

any tips or tricks would be appreciated. Im thinking something in the arm itself broke
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WD-40 is ineffective for such an exercise, try something a tad meaner, like PB Blaster. It is actually designed to break down rust, and free up stuck components. :D
I would follow HeyYou's advice and once it is freed up add a few drops of oil in there to keep it moving freely. OK on to the variator itself, I recommend that you go under the tractor and make sure that the variator pulley where both primary and secondary drive belts attach moves left and right as you adjust the variator handle. If not normally a little bit of dry graphite on the bushing helps free it up. Be careful it only takes a little bit normally!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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