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1972 JD-112 Restoration progress thread.

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Well, I figure that I might as well start a thread to share the progress of my free 1972 JD-112 which I picked up in the spring of 2010. The tractor sat outside for many years and will need quite a bit of stuff replaced, but it's not all that bad. I tore it down a little bit today and hope to get much more done this winter. The tractor has a nice Kohler K301 engine combined with the electric PTO & electric lift. Today I was shocked to find that the heavily rusted, and left extended lift still works just fine! :trink40: In fact, I have it in my electrolysis tank de-rusting the shaft as I type.

Anyway... Here are a few photos for you! :thThumbsU

Here she is "as found in the wild" and before it was cleaned up a little The mower deck is pretty much shot beyond repair, but my plans are to use this with a snow-blower. I am also planning to hand build a steel cab for it once I get it all going.

Here she is after a whole bunch of stuff was stripped off and washed down a bit more. I plan to put it away like this in my storage shed and work on the motor. Later on, I can bring it back in to the shop to put the motor in it and see if everything else is good. Once that step is reached, I can repaint the chassis.

It's was not all that bad under the frame for a tractor that sat outside for maybe 10 years! It appears to of been well maintained and greased. I also have the lift rod going up front for the snow-blower and the electric lift will make this a great set up for snow removal. Even better with a cab!

All in all, the tractor is in nice shape and even has a recent paint job. I plan to build my cab before I touch the fender pan, it still has decent paint. However, if I am correct, this should have a darker green paint, right? The front wheels are just temporary, the original tires were shot. I am already working on stripping and fixing the rims up so they can have some new tires and get painted.

So for now, that is where I am at. The engine is in my shop, and half way torn down so I can replace the broken intake lifter. Everything else looks good on the motor so my plan is to put the new lifter in first and put it back together so I can see how she goes.
I also sent the battery tray out to be coated in truck bed-liner. It was heavily rusted and even had a couple pin holes. I tanked it in my electrolysis tank, filled the holes, and painted it up. The bed-liner will protect the tray and hide all the rust pitting. :fing32:
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i think the green on that is the right shade, looks just like my grandpa's 212 and the paint from my 110rf. either way, looks great! cant beat free! if you still are looking for a blower, i have one that will work.
Looking good :fing32:
Ditto . looking good. I like the bed liner idea for the battery tray. I have some stainless steel laying around that might make a good tray.
Thanks guys.... Hugh, I may end up with the older style blower of yours, but I am going to keep my eye's open for the 37A first. I do have plenty of time, I will be using the Massey Ferguson this winter with the 48" plow. With all luck,, next winter I will have the Deere all done with a snow blower and a cab!
I like your MOJACK substitute!!!
I like your 140 too not bad shape at all !!
It's a shame... the headlight panel is in great shape, but there's no decal on it! LOL
I can't wait to see this one finished.Your attention to detail is second to none :trink39:.
I can't wait to see this one finished.Your attention to detail is second to none :trink39:.
:ditto: I still drool over the pics of his MF with the red and silver wheels:fing32: slkpk
Thanks guys! I am working on picking up a hydro MF12 that will end up kinda replacing the geared MF12. The plan is to tear the hydro down to the frame and rebuild it using the best of all my parts. The mower deck & snow plow will stay with the hydro, as will my narrow front wheels & AG's.

Right now, I am seriously debating building a spare frame I have into a tricycle MF12. This would be built very close to the way tractormike built his, but with modified fenders to look more like a farm tractor style. This will also receive a sleeve hitch with electric lift. Once the chassis is done, my 12-G will be rebuilt & finished on that frame platform. I will save the old frame as the other frame needs a lot of modification for the narrow front conversion. If I ever want to, it can be built back to stock this way. :fing32:

That leaves me with the hydro 12 to handle the mowing and any snow-plow duties. The narrow front geared 12 will be used for mold-board plowing and may receive a custom made mid-mount grader blade. This will benefit from the higher ground clearance. The narrow front may be used to pull a lawn sweeper so it gets some drive time!
The JD-112 will be the main snow removal tool, but I plan to make the cab so the doors and windshield is removable. This can be used for my wife to tow a garden trailer if she needs it.

The hardest thing getting my MF12 done has been working around using it! I have some time in the fall when the lawn is done, and the snow is a ways off, and the same in the spring... but the extra hydro will solve that problem, and be easier to run than the gear drive.

(Sorry for the long post... But that's my plan for now!)
looking good, pretty clean looking machine!
Like always Firefyter-Emt - your making a "Deer of a restoration", out of that 112.
- love your great workmanship & detail

Just wondering, when you start a new thread and capture a nice story with photo's in a 'film negative" scrapbook format - how is this done ??
Forum look has real pizzaz !!

Beaumont { :>))
Golden Rule - "he who has the gold, makes the rule"
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Thanks for the comments and for noticing the photo style. I have a free program I downloaded called Photoscape that is very easy to navigate around.

That is done with one of the "frames" called Round 05. There are lot's of things you can do with the frames, take my avatar for example. I am not a big "photo shop wiz" but this is a very simple and easy to use program. Plus, it's free to download. If I remember right, I got it at

There is a lot you can do, like this really cool feature to "antique" the photo. This would make a neat "before" photo of a pre-restoration tractor. :thThumbsU

NICE and I thought I got a good deal on my $10 JD112 in a whole lot worse condition. Maybe be I can bother you with some questions. My biggest problem so far is I can't get it out of gear...
Well, first make sure the brake band is not frozen to the drum. Next, you may need to take the shifter out and see if the shift rails are jammed. Can you "shift" the gears?
Nope I cant move the shifter for nothing
Next thing would be to pull it off and see if you can line the shift rails up by hand and inspect the shifter assy. I think you will have to remove the entire fender pan on the Deere to remove the shifter. It comes off nice and easy, and once in there, you should be able to line up the two bars so that there is a clear pass between them and centered at the top of the hole. Just don't force anything.
The position where the shifter is frozen may complicate fender pan removal, especially if its forward. The shift rod is always the biggest PITA to work around when pulling the pan. You may be able to pull the shift quadrant bezel and get the shifter out first. Going to try that procedure backwards to reinstall Frank's fender pan.
Well Sorry Firefyter-Emt I don't mean to hyjack your thread. But if anyone want's to help I have started a thread "John Deere 112 What should it look like" That way you can help me there and I wouldn't be stilling away from Firefyter-Emt

Looking forward to more pics though
Well, just a tiny update.... I was able to get a couple things working that had been bugging me if they would be any good because of how long this thing sat outside.

I was able to not only get the electric lift to work, but I jumped the electric PTO at the motor and that works as well! :thThumbsU
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