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1970 Sears Suburban Long Island, N.Y.

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I just came across this nice 1970 Sears Suburban on CL. Located on Long Island, N.Y. Not mine, etc.
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Nice looking tractor, Dave. I'm sure someone will grab it.
Nice tractor, going to be tough getting that money though, imo.
Looks like a nice one, can't comment on price, no idea what it might be worth.

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It may be a little high, but it does appear to be in VGC. I can see a Sears, or maybe Craftsman collector being interested. Maybe the seller would be open to a reasonable offer (?).
I paid that much for a JD 100 several years ago to a member here on MTF.. even sold him a muffler for it.. the sears tractor look like he repainted it & it looks great..
the sears tractor look like he repainted it & it looks great..
Yes, it really does look great.
Yes, it really does look great.

I had a WHITE lawn & garden tractor 112.. they were made only 1 year.. it had an aluminum deck.. they got holes from rocks.. mine had no damage to it.. bought it from a local lady.. paid 250 for it.. sold it at a tractor bee for 2,000..
Nicely done machine! With a little TLC it could be a real show piece. Don't think he will get that money tho, being it the wrong colour and missing the 2 belt covers on the PTO side

A very nice machine none the less :)

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Good catches, Mikey.:tango_face_glasses: Not knowing Sears tractors very well I didn't realize that the color was wrong.
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