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1970 jd 120

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I apologize if this is in the wrong section but I got a question regarding this ad for the JD guys. Is this tractor worth it??? I don't know value of these older tractors. Thanks in advance for your help!!!
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I would say that it is a pretty fair price for a tractor with rear pto, sleeve hitch, blade, and deck that are in nice shape. Shifter isn't that hard to change.
I would jump on that! 120's seem to be very rare, but they are a poor mans 140. The blade and the sleeve hitch will bring in about half of that value at least! Seems like an easy fix and a good deal
Not alot of 120's out there it seems. I think it's all the same as the h1 140 with 12 hp instead of 14. Seems like he's willing to deal. If not $900isn't bad with the attachments.
this has to be the only 120 for sale that i have seen way too far for me or I would be all over it
Make an offer of $600 and see what happens. Looks to be in reasonable to good shape and has some extra's that are nice!
Blade is worth $400 if it is not junk, manual's used $100 and it look's like a sleeve hitch hanging off the back? The tractor look's to be in decent shape if you desire a 120 it look's like a good buy they are not too common any hard core collector would love to have it. BILL
That was on e-bay and sold, I was watching it. I guess the buyer fell through. Then again seeing as it was from the 12th, its probably just another lazy seller who never takes their adds down.
Yeah, I was watching that on ebay as well. I was going to go get it (about 6 hours away) but couldn't quite come up with the cash. My cousin has a 120 so it would've been neat. I think that's a pretty good price for everything. I gave $350 for my 140 that had been sitting for who knows how long with no deck or attachments at all.....
I sold a blade just like that for a tad over 500 bucks just 4 months ago.. Thats a good "fair" price if she runs nice and it's what your wanting.. Its a nice step in between a JD112 and a 140h3. Once you have hydro you never want to go back to gear..
Lets see On evil Bay I paid $1,000 for a 140H3 In 2006. Through Private Sales I paid $450 for a 54inch Blade, $500 for a Cat 0 3point evil bay, $75 for a Integral Hitch with Tiller Lift Bar evilbay and $50 for a Integral Hitch Lift Bar through a Member from MTF and since the 120 Is One of the Rare Breed Of Deeres $900 is worth It and If You Need Parts Don't for Get about these JD Bone Yards

What I consider the JD Rare Breed Garden tractors
245 Not the GT 245

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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