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1970 Ford 4400 hydraulic Lift

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Well, I have been away for a while and I am still a tractor newbie. A distributor oiling issue with my Ford 4400 gas tractor turned out to be a spun main bearing. I finally found a good used block and got the engine rebuilt. It runs great!

So now I have a question about the rear lift. I took my brush hog off of my old 1965 Ford 2000 tractor and put it on the fresh 4400. What I noticed is that the 4400 does not lift it nearly as high as the little 1965 Ford 2000. The 2000 lifted the brush hog about 2 feet off the ground but the 4400 only lifts it about 10 inches. Not reall a problem, but it does concern me because I want to get a 6 foot disc for this 4400 and I fear that it doesnt lift enough to travel with the disc attached. Does a 4400 not lift as high as my old 2000? Will it matter?
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It should lift higher than that.

Do the arms lift higher when the mower is not attached? If hey lift higher without the mower attached then there may be an internal leak.

Is it in draft control mode or position control mode? The small lever near the base of the main 3 point lift control handle should be in the upper position (pointing straight up) to be in position control mode. If it is in position control mode and still doesn't lift any higher then something inside may be worn or out of adjustment.
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