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1970 b-100

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Yesterday I came across this '70 Wheelhorse for sale in Alpha N.J. I'm not a Wheelhorse aficianado, but I know many of you are. Sign says it runs good, $450 or best offer. Overall it looks to be in good condition. It appears to be a rust free deck. Also has mismatched front wheels and tires, 1 wheel narrower than the other. The seat is a mess.

Just curious, is this a desirable model ? 908-246-2961 for anyone interested. Also the bodywork appears dent and rust free, just faded from age . Looks perfect for restoration. I hope someone gets a good deal on it. The K241S has spec #46636d. I forgot to take photos.

So, what is the consensus fellas ?

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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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