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1968 hydor-trac operation questions

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Hello all, I just picked up my first hydro. Can any one please tell me if the foot brake should work when the engine is not running? The hydro foot brake set up is way different than the shift tractors. Also does the rear end unlock button need to be in the locked position before the drive control lever will move? I have no clue at this point. This unit sat outside for many years. I ran out of pb blaster, so I had to make a trip to tractor supply, got two large cans. The good part was the engine is not locked up, and the rear lock was in the out position, so I could roll the unit for loading and unloading. Just about everything else is locked up, even the key switch. I did not spare the pb blaster. Also came with a 48" deck that seems to be int fair shape to look at, of course it is locked up for now too. Thank you.
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Well the key switch is now free and I managed to get the deck off.
I just picked up my first hydro a week ago. Came across your thread doing research. Good questions. I've got a friend that seems pretty knowledgeable on these things. I'll ask him and keep you posted.

Great, was yours sitting out side for years too? If so stock up on plenty of your preferred penetrating oil. On the up side I did get the engine running. Surprisingly it sounds pretty good! Another thing I found odd, with the motor running the tractor wanted to creep in reverse; but the axle disengage is frozen in the disengage position. That just seems to defy logic to me, I have no clue how that could be. I keep soaking all unmovable parts with pb blaster.
yes the brake will work if you lock it in. only used for parking and starting
and the rod to roll it should be in to drive it
do not move the rod if the motor is running. well they say so anyways

Thank you John, especially for the tip not to move the axle engage/disengage when the motor is running. If I am understanding you correctly you are referring to the park brake. Is that correct? How about the foot brake, should it stop the tractor with out the motor running? Any idea how the tractor can creep when the axle is in the disengage position?
have you looked at sears parts an put in your 917 number
you can print out the owners manual ( or do as i did. went to buy one nla so had them print it for me 60 pages )
the foot brake should work at all times. but only stops one tire. so no big hills
the creeping may be just some fluid bypassing an not having the park brake set.
id not adjust it at first. till its up an running for a few days/weeks

Yes I have both the owners manual and parts list. What I do not follow is the brake rod only goes to the hydro unit. There is no connection to the brake band, like a gear tractor. I am glade to hear the creeping is not a big matter to worry about. Any idea what to look for to get the axle engage/disengage to move? Right now it is frozen in the axle disengage position. Thank you, B. Trout
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