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1963 Simplicity Landlord

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I bought a 1963 Simplicity Landlord last year and it has held up well to anything I put it through. I have dragged a 2,000 pound boat on a trailer with flat tires over a small hill with it and the engine never bogged down, first gear, mid throttle. I consistently drag the Gravely around with it due to it being hard to start. I have moved piles of wood, dirt, and gravel with it. It is an extremely solid tractor, the likes of which are not seen at any big box store today. I like the heavy duty cast iron engine. As far as I know, it has never had a rebuild and it still runs perfectly, despite the work I put it up to. The shielded spark plug (not a standard feature- my tractor was owned by a radio station) is a nice touch, and the ignition system does not interfere with my cell phone signal, nor the neighbors' ham radios, a problem on my other machines. The large car battery starts the engine easily every time, and stays charged. I really like the snowplow too. It plows snow, and can also act as a bulldozer for pushing gravel, dirt etc. Overall, I think the early 9hp Simplicity Landlord is a great tractor, and anyone who has a chance to buy one should not hesitate- it is an amazing piece of machinery that handles anything you throw at it.
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We had exact tractor growing up. Dad bought it used and pounded the daylights out of it, never missed a beat.

Excellent! I just got one a couple weeks ago.

And just got started playing around with it. Has the 23d Briggs 9hp probably like yours.

They seem to be tough as ****.
Yeah, they're pretty stout.. I've got one in yellow, the Allis Chalmers version.

There is a guy on Youtube that has a lot of informative videos on these but I can't remember his name.. You'll have to search for them.
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