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1963 John Deere 110

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Hello Everyone,
This is Ted from Edmonton, Alberta.
I have a chance to buy 1963 JD 110 with a mover deck and snow blower for $850CAD (is it priced right?). I wonder if someone could tell me about the value of this little tractor. How does it compare with other tractors in the small tractors class (7, 8 HP). Is there anything special technically about it, that makes it worthy buying. Maybe how does it compare with bolens, simplicity, cub cadet or other ones that accept snow blower?

I would use it for small snow moving jobs on my small city lot and maybe some of my neighbours.
I know there were few produced so I do not want to pass an opportunity if this was really good catch.
I have a photo but I do not know how to post it.


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18250 is a mid year 1965 according to WFM site.
Heck, that would have the fat front tires. I mean its ok and all, but this deal gets worse all the time.
Some sellers just are dishonest. You can only vouch for yourself in this crazy world and sleep soundly at night.
I believe when they changed the style in '68 they went to black.
1 - 4 of 62 Posts
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