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1963 John Deere 110

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Hello Everyone,
This is Ted from Edmonton, Alberta.
I have a chance to buy 1963 JD 110 with a mover deck and snow blower for $850CAD (is it priced right?). I wonder if someone could tell me about the value of this little tractor. How does it compare with other tractors in the small tractors class (7, 8 HP). Is there anything special technically about it, that makes it worthy buying. Maybe how does it compare with bolens, simplicity, cub cadet or other ones that accept snow blower?

I would use it for small snow moving jobs on my small city lot and maybe some of my neighbours.
I know there were few produced so I do not want to pass an opportunity if this was really good catch.
I have a photo but I do not know how to post it.


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Here's a 63 with the snowblower mounted:

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Fabulous looking 63, Herd. Thank you for the pics.
I have difficulty finding the point on the tractor where I need to hook up the blower on. Could you please post some pics showing this kind of details?
I wish that one was mine - but mine's a liitle rougher and I don't have a blower. The pix I posted are of the 63 at my local dealer and I don't have any better shots that show how the blower attaches. If I can get back there soon with my camera I'll try to get a few that will help you out.
Will do the best I can. Part of what confuses me is that your machine still has the mower deck belt guide pulleys installed which I think need to be removed to mount the blower. So I'm not sure if the PO gave you the straight scoop or a snow job - I just don't know enough about the early 110s yet. We'll learn together.
There's been more than a few posts here from folks who have bought stuff without all the bits, particlularly with 100 series snowblowers missing the mule drive. I got lucky when I bought mine from an honest seller who not only included the mule drive but ballast weights too but if he hadn't I'd have never known because that was before I found MTF.
I just read through this whole thread and I still don't see the serial number posted, or did I miss that?
Turned out to be a 64 not a 63.
Oh well, at least you got a real one HOD.:fing32:
Still need time to play with it but soon... 53 degrees today :fing32:
If any of y'all in the midwest want a 63 there's one on eBay in Indiana. Going to watch what this goes for.
1 - 8 of 62 Posts
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