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This is a 4 cyl diesel tractor. 1600 hrs on it in Augusta, GA. I have a couple of issues I would love some help with.

The tractor starts like the car in most people's soon as you breath on the key. Purrs and no smoke. The issue?

1.) This tractor came with a blow of some sorts on it and the part where you attach the blade underneath is still there but the blade is gone. Now, I want to pull off all of that tubing, support under the tractor that used to support the blade. It runs back under the tractor from both sides in a "V" of sorts and attaches somehow under the tractor middle. At that point the plow stuff is to the front and then the rest goes on back till it gets to the hitch stuff. I know that/those parts have to stay on so the hitch has support but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the plow junk off of it. Want it to look just that much cleaner.

2.) The 3 point hitch in back is I believe a Category II and the ball on one side has fallen out and just a hole there...on the other side it has the ball in there and some kind of pin apparatus holding it. I wonder if anyone can help me in figuring out how to take the good ball out, replace it with new and then do that to the other side as well? You know, rebuild the lower arm Cat II stuff...upper too while I'm at it.

Thanks for your help.
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