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1959 - 861 tires

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I have a 1959 - 861 with an addtional parts tractor. I am trying to build one good runner.
One tractor has 14.9 x 24" (13 - 24rim) tires and the other has 13.6 x 28" tires ( 12-28 rim )

Both have one good tire so I need to pick one size and go with it. Any advantage or disadnvatage to either ?

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The 13.6x28 tires are the 'stock' size for that tractor.
Personally... I'd stick with the 28"s... I guess, since you're kinda stuck with buying one tire anyway... it'd be prudent to see which tire size is more readily available... and more economical. Maybe base your decision on that?
I agree.. and I'll bet the 28" rubber is cheaper in the long run.

Whatever tire size you decide upon, take a look on ebay when you are ready.
I would sell the 24 and go with the 13.6 X 28. I don't believe the 28 tires rim and disc will cost as much as the 24s. And then sell the 24. Some of the industrials carried the 24s. I have sets on my 841 and 1841.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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