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1957 ish

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Recently bought our first tractor for the farm. It's a 1957ish wd45. Great tractor overall for what we need it to do. The hydralics operate just fine with the blade hooked up but only raises about 3 inches when I put the brush hog on. If I make the center link any smaller the wheel on the back of the hog will be up in the air. Any ideas what I need to do????
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Is the cylinder doing the raising fully retracted or extended, or is it somewhere in the middle and just stopped moving (and without the brush hog attached, it would move further)?
First welcome to MTF! I grew up on a 1957 WD-45 but ours didn't have 3pt. hitch. Are you working with a full 3pt. hitch setup? If so, put up some pictures and if I can help I will. Lots of info here and great members to help and share with, enjoy the site! Here is some site navigation assistance in case you need it:

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Does your look like this?

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