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1955 640 hydro pump

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Anyone have a source for a rebuild kit for a Ford 640 hydraulic pump? Do they make a kit for it or related parts. Mine is getting a little weak, PJ
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Square or round style pump? Catalogs like steiner, Valu-bilt, dennis carpenter and others all carry kits for the can style pump. The square style may be a little harder to come by.

If you have the square looking pump, then you have an early "Vickers Vane" pump. I don't remember where, but just recently I did see a rebuild kit is now available for them. It hadn't been up till now. The Vickers pump also has a lever on top to adjust from low to high. I don't know if that's for pressure or flow.
If you have the round pump, then you have the later style "piston pump". Parts for rebuilding are very affordable and available from most suppliers.
A few years back I decided to upgrade from the Vickers to the round pump on my 860 because rebuilding kits weren't available then. I came across a great deal I couldn't pass up for a good working pump and manifold for $75.00. By the way, if you switch from one pump to the other, you also need to switch manifolds. The Vickers manifold won't fit the round style pump. Either way, whichever you have, you will be able to rebuild your pump. Good luck!
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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