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1953 Ferguson TO30....

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Hello folks,
Got a TO30 that I'm trying to put back together. Unfortunately I had a old friend who was out of work pull it down and start an engine rebuild for me. Long story short, he was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed away before he was able to complete the job. Stuff was scattered all over the place and now its missing some parts.

I need the upper gooseneck that also has a place for the throttle linkage bracket and also the bakelight "spacer" for lack of a better word, that goes between the distributor and the cap. Missing lots of other things but have been able to cobble stuff together. The gooseneck is probably gonna be tough. It's a Z129 Continental engine.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!
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Pics are always appreciated. Sorry about your friend and your tractor. Where are you in Virginia?
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