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1947 Ford 8N

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I just bought 8N. It ran perfectly the first day I used it.

The seller told me that it floods easily. Now I can't get it started.

How do I start a flooded engine? Can I use ether?

I did notice the air filter was god awful dirty. Could this cause the flooding. I am getting a new one today.

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It's a brand new carburetor. Gas tank needs replacing though. That's going to be my first project. The seller neglected to tell me the tank leaks. He told me yesterday to only put 2 gallons in at a time.

I was told this by the previous owner.

The choke is spring loaded and will go right back in if you let go.

I watched the previous owner start it and he would pull it all the way out and let it go back in before he even cranked it. Is this choke somewhat automatic?

I am a very handy guy and in 6 months will know everything there is not know about this engine. I'm in learning curve mode right now.

I want to post a couple of pics.
I know one is a resistor.
The other I think is some kind of relay, and I have a problem with it. It buzzes when the key is in the off position. I disconnect the battery when not using so it doesn't buzz.

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I got it started yesterday. I just have to be really careful with the choke.

At some point I will trace and diagram the whole electrical wiring on this tractor. It has some weird modifications. One is the ignition switch. It's 3 position. So far all I can figure out is that straight up is off. Turn to the left is on but the amp meter does not work or it's not charging. Turn to the right is on and the amp meter shows charging.

I once hand drew every single wire and component in a Hammond B3 organ AO28 pre-amplifier. The reason I did it is that I wanted to shotgun rebuild it and clean the circuit boards.
I should have checked this right away, but the air filter was so old and clogged, it was the cause of the flooding. With a new air filter, I can use the choke normally without fear of flooding the engine.

I am going to flush the hydraulics with some diesel fuel.. Can I drive it around and really slosh the stuff around in there, or is this just a run engine for a few minutes idling thing?
All is good.. All fluids changed. Tilled the garden and got down a few more inches. She's in the barn taking a deserved rest.

Just for me I have to figure out the electrical system. There have been some custom modifications made to it. But for now it runs like a top.

Thanks for all the help.

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