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1947 Ford 8N

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I just bought 8N. It ran perfectly the first day I used it.

The seller told me that it floods easily. Now I can't get it started.

How do I start a flooded engine? Can I use ether?

I did notice the air filter was god awful dirty. Could this cause the flooding. I am getting a new one today.

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Yep, always a good idea to fully service any machine that is new to you so you KNOW what you are dealing with.
Nah you can drive it just be sure to have the hydraulic pump OFF since the diesel does not have enough lube properties to protect the pump. There are some that will say not to but I have done many and never had any issues.
What Ken is showing can be done but is not good for the tractor. The ONLY auxiliary transmission that will make the tractor rototiller capable is the rare Howard that goes in after the transmission in the hydraulic compartment. It is the ONLY add on transmission that will slow the tractor ground speed and not the PTO speed.

This information is repeated every time someone asks about using the N tractor with a rototiller.
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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