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1947 Ford 8N

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I just bought 8N. It ran perfectly the first day I used it.

The seller told me that it floods easily. Now I can't get it started.

How do I start a flooded engine? Can I use ether?

I did notice the air filter was god awful dirty. Could this cause the flooding. I am getting a new one today.

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Excessive use of the choke will cause carb flooding try to limit the use..
I resized your pictures.

I have no clue what that relay is..Where do the wires go??
Auto part Rust

And yes the white resistor is used in the conversion to 12V. One wire should go to the coil to reduce voltage.It will get hot so don't worry about that, new ones also give off some smoke.
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Always hear people saying that the 8N's first gear is too fast for using a tiller behind it. You must have a step down transmission?
It depends on the soil condition..

Pretty rough on the PTO !!!
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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