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1947 Ford 8N

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I just bought 8N. It ran perfectly the first day I used it.

The seller told me that it floods easily. Now I can't get it started.

How do I start a flooded engine? Can I use ether?

I did notice the air filter was god awful dirty. Could this cause the flooding. I am getting a new one today.

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Generically speaking, flooding will usually either be caused by a blockage around the float needle not allowing the carb to turn off fuel flow, or a bad/maladjusted float that will not turn off fuel flow.

Potential causes for blockage include rust or sediment in the fuel tank and bad or lack of fuel filter, or old/disintegrating fuel line. Check the line and fuel filter if there is one, and you can take the carb apart and blow it out with compressed air to remove any potential blockages.

If the float is bad or misaligned, it will also not be able to shut off fuel flow. Brass floats can crack and take on gas, and the old cork/fiber floats can sometimes get saturated. Either situation will keep a float from riding high enough in the fuel bowl to effectively shut off gas flow. Check the float, if it is brass, see if there's liquid sloshing around in it. Check the service manual to confirm the float height is set correctly.

Do not use ether. If the problem is too much fuel, adding more isn't going to help. Shut off the fuel, take out the spark plugs and crank the engine over a few times to vent the cylinders to get out any built up fuel. Check the plugs to make sure they aren't fouled. Once the carb float and needle are operating correctly, you should be able to start it.

I had a similar experience with a zero turn I bought. When I picked it up, it drove great, started and ran no problem. Trailered it home and the problems started, I believe by stirring up a bunch of junk in the fuel tank that ended up in the carb. Solution was flushing the whole fuel tank, replacing the fuel line and filter, and giving the carb a good cleaning and I was back in business.
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