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1942 9N Transmission case question for a proud new owner..

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I recently purchased a 1942 9N to grade the dirt roads around my house, The tractor runs great, and works well. I love it and it goes well with my obsession for vintage things.
I have a question about it though, on the transmission case just below and slightly ahead of where the oil bath air cleaner hangs is a 9/16th " hole in the case. I can't seem to figure out why or what should have gone here and I imagine it can't be healthy to be left open in the dry dust out here. Can any one identify what it's there for and what I' am missing? Now I am reluctant to run the tractor until I know what it is/what I'm missing. Any help would be appreciated.


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It could be a 9. OR could it be a B??? If it is a B then BNO 40 3180 would be a Moto Tug engine. it could have been a replacement for your old engine. The 40 would have made it a daul rear wheel. They also made single rear wheel ones.
Check on your engine near the starter. There should be a date code tag. Also you can check on your hdraulic pump under the tractor and on the rear axle trumpets for date codes.

Yes it looks more like a B than anything else, ! I'll check the the other areas. This is getting quite interesting, because the tractor ran so strong and smooth when I "test drove" it, I asked the guy if the motor had been rebuilt, and he said he didn't know much about it as he had got it from a neighbor who had moved back to MN, who didn't want to move it with him.
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Ok,this is awesome. After scratching some of the red paint off no doubt, the serial number on the block is BNO 40 3180. It is also painted a blueish grey underneath.

The casting number on the hydraulic pump is 9N 605 A2. (Jan 1942?) I know this mix-mash of parts might not be ideal from a collectors stand point, but to me it is awesome to think that the motor now grading my roads may have been pulling Hellcats, or B-17's at one time. To me, it makes the tractor even cooler. The radiator may not be original as it fits, and even has the indentation on the bottom for the hand crank but the filler and cap did not line up so someone cut the hood opening into a circle to acommodate, It should have been a tear drop opening I believe.)

I did not see a date tag near the starter, and on the axle trumphets where the fenders attach there is A48 and A51 (which I guess means Jan 1948, 1951?) So this tractor does appear to have been assembled by Johnny Cash.

I was going to repaint it all dark grey as the 2Ns came, but now I think, since there is no exact way to date this, no need to be a purist. I may paint the main body Flathead Ford engine block green w/ tan fenders and hood. I saw a 1939 9N painted this way and thought it looked good. Hope that doesn't make the rest of you cringe too much.
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:fing32:Your tractor paint any color scheme that tickles your fancy:fing32:
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