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1937 oliver hart parr 70

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I'm in desperate need of help with my row crop 70. Some of these came with 38 inch rear tires, and some came with 40 inch rear tires. I have the one that came with 40 inch tires. They don't make them anymore. I either need new 38 inch rims that will fit my wheels, or to find someone that has a 40 inch tire laying around. Another idea I had, is there anyone that makes specialty tires. Other than the tire issue, it's a sweet running tractor. I'd like to make the labor day tractor show this year with it, if possible
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what size 40 incher you need.

Have you checked with miller tire company?

m. e. MILLER tire

Tractor Tires Rear - 9.5-40_(9-40) - m. e. MILLER tire
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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