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1850 oliver won't stay running.

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Hi, I have a 1850 Oliver, it has the gas engine. It started dying until the engine warm up, then it started running 1/2 choked. Now it runs for a few seconds, then it dies, so I put a rebuild carburetor on my 1850, it has the marvel schebler carb on it. it runs on full choke now for few seconds then the 1850 will die. I put a new rotor cap, and a new distributor cap. After putting the distributor cap on my 1850, it would start with the choke in, but run a few seconds, then die. I though the fuel pump might be weak, so I tried a electric fuel pump on my 1850, it still only ran for a few seconds then die. Plenty of gas coming out of the petcock. I'm thinking the carburetor wasn't rebuilt right. Any thoughts on what's going on with my 1850? Thank you for any help.
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Any possibility there is an air leak in manifold between carb and engine?

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I was wondering if you might have or know anyone on the forum that would have a service manual for a :

Cockshutt 1850 Tractor Service Manual 0-202
A-SMO202 Oliver & Cockshutt Shop Manual
1969 Oliver / cockshutt 1850 shop manual

^ It's all the same tractor, i've just seen different phrasings for it.
I think Oliver was USA / Cockshutt Canada.

Thanks -1979JohnDeere314
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