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175 Hydro & Snow Thrower question

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I retired from the Air Force a couple years ago just got the family moved back home. This will be our first winter in Maine in over 20 years! We have about 200-250ft of single lane dirt driveway with parking for 5-6 near the house. Its in very good shape, real flat, no big rocks, light incline coming in but not too bad. I have a nice 2 stage walk behind that will work if needed but would like to leave it as a back-up plan. After 20 years in the Air Force I'm pretty sure I'm a sit dow kinda guy! I found a very clean, low use, one owner 175 Hydro for $500.00...not a steal but seems very fair deal. Anyone have or used a thrower on a 175 Hydro? I would still need to find a thrower before winter and assume only single stage thrower where made for this tractor. I plan to get an X540 next year but just don't want to spend that much right now if I can help it. I know there not cheap but would anyone know if I could buy a Northeast 44" Bercomac thrower for the 175 this year and then get the brackets/parts to install it on an X540 later? I don't know, just thinking out loud at this point. More than not I would just dig up a single stage thrower and keep it cheap this first year. Thanks, Kelly!
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Best wishes for a long and happy retirement and :thanku: for serving our country :trink39:

The only OEM Deere blower for 175 is the 38" single stage. That's currently what I have on my 180. Pretty capable as I do three driveways a storm and have never really had stuff it couldn't handle from 6" of sleet to compacted plow snot at the end of the driveway. $500 for a 175 in decent shape is about right from what I've seen. There's a one owner near me listed for $650. Not sure about the Bercomac solution, you'd have to call and ask. I think there would be signficant mounting differences between 175 and x500 series though. Before shopping for a used blower be sure to post here first and get a list of all the bits that should come with it. There's at least 5 additional pieces and people often misplace them and "forget" to tell the new owners.

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No offense but that is a terrible plan., in so many ways
first, I doubt ( know) it won't work. Like using the landing gear from a P-51 on a B-52
second If you buy the correct #44 or #47 blower with the X540 the warrantee should go with both all the 4 years 500 hours

third Quick connects in minutes EZPZ. cause they were made for each other and the dealer can service both

Just my 2 cent worth since you asked.
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