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Ever so slowly my Ford 1700 project (the abused child) is being returned to some semblance of its former glory. I removed the badly dented hood stripped the wacky grey and silver paint. I pounded and pulled out the dents as best I could and applied body filler. I coated the underside of the hood with underbody coating.
I had just put the first coat of primer on the hood when I had a minor set back. I had left the hood on the slab out side the garage to dry in the warm sun. While I was off doing other things a good old Nevada dust devil came by and snatched up the hood and dropped it on my 3 point disc. Needless to say it did not hurt the disc but it sure put a couple more new dents in the hood. Oh well my auto-body skills needed more practice any way. After repairing the new damage I put about 4 coats of Ford blue and clear coat on the hood and detailed the grill in white and black. Granted it is no fancy hot rod paint job but this is a working tractor not a show model. It is quite an improvement on the way it looked before.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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