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1650 scr and flywheel cup question

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Working on my 1650 replacing the iso mounts and a few other things. One is it turns over hard. Looked at the acr spring and it looks fine. The tab however looks to be in line with the back of the cam lobe so not enough to lift the tappet. Any suggestions on how to bend it a bit without breaking it?
I was going to order new rag joints for the 1650 but when I pulled the coupler off I found a bushing that was rattling around in the flywheel cup but I didn't see anything in the parts diagram. Anyone know what this part is?
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Sounds like this is what you need....


Is there one of those on each end of the driveshaft? Diagram shows that part on the hydro side.
Is there one of those on each end of the drive-shaft?
I believe so.
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