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1650 Problems

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Hey Everyone,

I seem to have some problems with my 1650. The thing is, it will start, but won't unless the choke is on. It shakes and shudders, it won't stay running for more than a few moments. When it stays running it spits and sputters and backfires.

I have already rebuilt the carb, but that didn't help. It seems to run fine for a while (I had it going for about 30 min), but since then it hasn't been running right since.

Any help would be great! It's about to drive me to drinking, although a cold one wouldn't be to bad. :trink40:
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Is the tank and fuel line/filter clean?

Also in the high speed needle there are tiny holes, not only do the holes need to be clear but also the passage through the center of the needle between the holes.

Have you cleaned/replaced your points and set your timing?

98% of all carburetor problems are electrical...
Two things come to my mind from experiences with my 1450.

(A) Running with the choke on indicates too much air. Is the carb mounted correctly with no air leaks...??

(B) A bad or incorrectly mounted condenser will cause the same symptom. Is the condenser new and it is mounted correctly to have a good ground....??
Thanks for the suggestions.

The fuel is new and clean. The previous owner had old stale fuel in it so I did flush it out and it now has clean fuel.

I will double check and make sure everything is clean with the needles. I didn't check that, I dumped them into the bucket of carb cleaner and let them sit a few days.

I have heard people mention cleaning and setting points/timing, but I am not sure how to do this.

Carb is mounted correctly. I am using the old condenser, so I will pick one up on my way home from work today, and swap that out. The best I can tell it is getting a good ground.
I would pick up a new set of points when you get the condenser.
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