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1650 Drive Shaft

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Need help on replacing the front coupler on a 1650 hydrostatic drive shaft.
Is it necessary to unbolt the engine to do this? Thanks for any information on this procedure.
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Drive out roll pins at each end of shaft.

Unbolt rags at each end.

Slide couplings and rags a couple inches back on shaft at each end.

Slide shaft forward into motor end bushing/bracket/drive plate to clear coupling at pump end and lift up and out then slide motor end of shaft out of motor.

Don't damage stuck roll pins, soak in penetrating oil and use roll pin punches, once mushroomed you gots problems.

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Craftsman has good roll pin punches, they have a "balled" end and apply pressure at the center of the pin and will not mushroom.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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