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1641 cub hydro jerks,aggressive, wheelie,

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Hello everyone, this is my first time posting over on the cub side, and also the first cub I've ever owned. I have a issue with the hydro unit, I will first start by saying i have owned a john Deere 316 and 317 and i'm comparing the cub 1641 to them as far as the hydro control lever goes. The john Deere had a smooth motion from forward to reverse, The cub when going from forward to neutral or reverse to neutral comes to a very dead stop when it hits neutral, then slowly engaging in either direction is very aggressive, for example if in reverse and you move the lever to neutral, it comes to a dead stop flinging your body over the steering wheel, then you slide forward and it practically throws you over the back of the seat, and pops a small wheelie. Does anyone have any suggestions. Ps the hydro doesn't make any whine noises, or grinding, and does not creep while in neutral
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The I sprayed some wd on each linkage, and particularly where two plate come together and pivot on a bolt, worked the control lever back and forth over and over and it seemed to free up the control lever without tractor running. Once i fired it up , it operates better but still not what I would call great. Another issue I have is the lever itself has been bent to stay in line with the forward slot, The neutral switch seems to be disabled,
I'm just wondering, you talked about looking at all the linkage but never said anything about this little spring (about 2" long????) You might need to remove the seat & fenders to get to it. Sometimes they get weak and or break.

P.N. 932-0330 around 5 dollars at your local dealer


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Do you have someone that can move hydro lever while under tractor? Please be safety minded with engine turned off and wearing glasses to avoid dirt in the eyes. I believe you won't need to remove the seat and fenders. If it stays tight under lever movement, it's most likely good.
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