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16/6 with a snow blower

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Anyone have any practicle experience with a 16/6 and a snow blower? Particularly the twin Onan? How does it move the snow? Who's blown the most inches? How far does it fly? How does it do with wet snow?

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if you know how to use it. it will have snow going over top of the snowblower and keep blowing snow... we have one with a cab on it... love it for blowing snow... heavy wet snow u have to use a lower gear but the key is to keep the blower full of snow and blowing it... dont let it run out of snow as your blowing or itll plug the chute almost solid.... as far as distance 10-20 away from the tractor or more depending on the snow.... basically listen to the motor for the govenor to kick in while snowblowing once it does that and the motor isnt dieing out and it keeps its rpms your in the right gear.... only disadvantage of it is like 2-3 inches of slush can be a pain to blow but it can be done
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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