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I picked up a 14g as part of a package deal on a 5660 with a MA210.
It would not start due to the starter bolts were stripped out of the block. I helicoiled the holes to repair it. It starts and runs good, the trans goes through all the gears and ranges, the PTO seems to be functioning properly, it has a functioning electric/hydraulic lift, and even the headlights work. It does need a brake band and the cover that goes over the starter drive is missing. The front tires show wear and the steering has some play. The hour meter shows just under 4000 hours, but I dont know if that is right by the fact that it is damaged on the front.
What would a good price range be for this? Also, how do I find out what year it is? I am actually cleaning it up right now and changing the fluids, I would like to trade it for a 40" mower deck with the QH setup for my 5660 that is in decent shape.
By the way- I LOVE this site!
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