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1455 upgrade/Stock front HT wheel offset ?

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Hi all ,

I am finally getting back to work on my 1455 rebuild after a long summer of personal issues.

My 1455 got a new Vanguard from Small Engine Warehouse(save this story for another day, still too bothered to talk about it...) It also got all new bushings, bearings, and ball joints. My stock front spindles were shot from years of use with worn out bushings, and I have nice HT spindles/hubs from a parts tractor anyways.

I read about this, but can't remember, and my search came up unanswered. What is the stock backspacing on HT four bolt wheels? i believe the wheels that came on this were 0 offset wheels(like a golf cart). The wheel mounting surface was the same depth on each side. These wheels did not hit any steering components on my parts tractor.
But I have read before, and recently on here, that you can't use golf cart wheels without the very rare bolens spacers. I'm confused.

Also, were the Q series four bolt wheels close to the HT?

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I put a pair of golf cart wheels on the front of one of my parts tractors to move around. They bolted on with no issues.
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