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140 Hydro speeding up

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I finally got all of my leaks repaired, cleaned all of the grime out of the hydro and changed the hydraulic fluid and filter with hygaurd low viscosity, when I took it for a test drive it drove fine at a slow speed but when I increase it about 1/4 it just takes off on it's own, the control lever goes all the way forward. There is no creep at all in the neutral position. It is a early model 140 serial number is 4937M. Any ideas?
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There is a adjustment in the service Manual for this I Had the same Problem. But a friend who was working on it did the adjustment when he was re-doing the Brakes for me:thThumbsU
Thanks, I am having trouble finding a service manual for -30000 tractor
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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